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Intelligent Business Information Solutions


Agile through experience

Execution supercedes intention. We are already implementing while others are still discussing. Our in-depth knowledge base combined with agility and adaptability gets you much faster to your goal. Working together, we review current status, identify gaps across systems, data requirements / management all angled towards the final delivery; Intelligent Management Information that enables effective decision making. Send an e-mail, or call us on +41 44 945 11 22 to set up a preliminary discussion.

For every need and budget

Axcent AG designs business intelligence solutions for every need and every budget, for SMEs and large enterprises. We offer industry-independent working tools for your office and data manage-ment , both standardised and tailored, selected in accordance with your financial, human and technical resources.

Useful information, not a jumble of data

«Do you have reams of data/reports but need more to make decisions? We will obtain quality information from it.»

In a timely and cost effective manner

«Simple, agile and neutral: our solutions meet your needs, are easy on budget and save you time.»