smart software solutions
for small and large companies.

Agile through experience

We are already in action while others are stuck in discussions. Having years of experience with our applications gives us the adaptability and agility required to get you to your goal faster. Together with you we identify any gaps in your system, and review your available tools and information/data management.  We then work out the solution that is right for you – at a reasonable cost and within a reasonable timeframe. Describe your problem to us via e-mail, or call us to set up a preliminary discussion on +41 (0)44 908 55 55.

For every need and budget

Axcent AG designs business intelligence solutions for every need and every budget, for SMEs and large enterprises. We offer industry-independent working tools for your office and data manage-ment , both standardised and tailored, selected in accordance with your financial, human and technical resources.

Information content instead of a jumble of data

«Do you have meaningless data? We will obtain quality information from it.»

Both in a timely manner and within budget

«Simple, agile and neutral: our solutions are easy on your budget and save you time.»